2016 May 16th

I Do Things That Other Hoboken Realtors Hate! (or so says some guy.)

An Article About Things Realtors Do That People “Hate” Actually Contains Services That I Consider to be Valuable.

I started reading this article the other day thinking that I might find some amusing anecdotes to share.  While several of the points made were 100% valid, I feel that others are totally worthwhile services a Realtor might provide to buyers and sellers.  I do a couple of them myself, and make no apologies for having done so.  Here are a few of the “negative” activities referenced in the article about which I feel differently.

Promoting Open Houses as Necessary

The author is of the opinion that open houses don’t sell homes – appointments do.  That’s a fair statement with some validity.  He also believes that agents use open houses in order to meet buyers, and this is 100% true.  There is a point however that the writer is completely missing.  In Hoboken, especially on weekends, especially with new and newer listings and especially in this “seller’s market”, there are always a ton of requests for appointments and not enough hours in the day.  Having an open house allows an agent to come by during a wide three or four hour window (as opposed to a restrictive 30 minute limit as per most showing instructions).  It also makes it way easier for agents to physically get in to the unit, rather than having to chase down the keys from some other agent that showed the home earlier in the day.  An agent can also send their buyers to the open house unaccompanied (which leads to my next point.)

Sending Clients to Open Houses

BOY, do I disagree with this one.  Most buyers work regular hours during the week, so the only time they have to look at homes is at night and on weekends.  Sometimes because of children (either the seller’s or the buyer’s) nights just don’t work, so the most popular time to go house hunting are Saturdays and Sundays.  And no matter how much I emphasize to people that my weekends book up quickly, and that it often requires 24 hours’ notice to get in to see a place, it seems that every Friday and/or Saturday (sometimes after 10pm) I receive a call, email or text from someone asking “can we see this place tomorrow?”  And I’ll tell you something else – if I tell them I’m already booked and can’t take them, they’re just going to call another Realtor until they find one that will take them and you can kiss that buyer goodbye.  Open houses allow me the opportunity to send my buyers without me.  I always instruct them to tell the listing agent that they are working with me, and I often call the agent to give them a head’s up that my buyer is planning on stopping by the open house.  They are always pleased that I’m sending my buyers and I’ve never encountered a problem.  Buyers see the homes they want to see.  Sellers get more views of their property.  Listing agents get to pitch their listing to sincerely interested parties and I get to work with the people with whom I’ve already made appointments while my other buyers feel taken care of.  Win-win-win-win.

Holding an open house has value even in a buyer’s market.  With all due respect to Bernie Sanders, check out this article I wrote way back in February of 2010 entitled Are Open House Socialism?.

Not Providing Showing Feedback

I understand why the author feels this is is a no-no.  I’ll be honest, I don’t always provide feedback.  In fact, I don’t provide feedback more often than I do.  I do get busy and making time to fill out feedback forms is time-consuming.  In my own defense, most feedback forms are very poorly constructed and the feedback it requests is often useless.  For example, asking if you think the property is priced “Too high, too low or just right.”  If my buyer is interested and I think the unit is a bargain, does any Realtor really answer that question honestly?  My job is to try to get the seller to agree to the lowest number – why would I disclose that my buyer thinks it’s priced “too low?”  Still, the only feedback that matters is making an offer.  Read this article I wrote way back in August 2013 – He’s Just Not That Into Your Hoboken Condo.



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