2016 Aug 16th

Pay it Forward Time for Hoboken – Remember SuperStorm Sandy?

The People of Southern Louisiana Desperately Need Our Help!

When Sandy hit, people from all over the country came to our aid.  We live part-time in New Orleans and were there the past two weeks.  We just returned to Hoboken last night and felt that we need to get the word out up here.  Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas are devastated.  People have lost everything.  They and their pets are in dire need.  We can help!

I don’t know how show this photo album this other than to post a link to the source FaceBook page.  These are some heartbreaking images.  Click on the first photo for a link to the rest of the album.


Here is how you can help:


Red Cross

Companion Animal Alliance, Baton Rouge’s city animal shelter

• NOLA Pay It Forward

United Way of Southeast Louisiana

• Denham Springs Animal Shelter, which was devastated by the floods

Tangi Humane Society, which is privately run and was devastated by the floods

• Associated Professional Educators of Louisiana

• Assess the Need

  1. Jenn Brown

    Help for families living with autism in Louisiana. All money goes to help.

  2. Monica

    Is there anywhere in Hoboken accepting donations?

  3. Lori Turoff

    I tried to organize that but was dissuaded due to the logistics. There are many, many organizations that will accept a monetary donation and you can check to see what amount of the money goes to the actual recipients vs. the organization. My friends in New Orleans suggest that you donate to local charities like NOLA Pay it Forward.
    Thank you!!!

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