2016 Oct 5th

What is Your RE Agent Selling? Your Hoboken Home, or Themselves?


I just rode my bike up Bloomfield St. and was struck by the similarity of the all the realtor signs.   Almost 100% said “For Sale”, the name of the listing agent (and often a very flattering photo), their agency, their phone number and little more.  Some were on very fancy schmancy sign posts and many had rich, bold lettering and elegant color choices.  But they were almost all missing any description of the property they were selling.  Are they selling the building or a condo?  Is it a 1BR or 2 or 3?  How many bathrooms?  How much are the sellers asking?  Taxes?  Maintenance?  Square footage?  None of this information was offered.

Why would an agent not put these simple, readily-available, critical facts on their sign?  The answer is simple – they want passers-by to call them for that information so that they can try to capture them as their buyer.  They are putting their own selfish best interests before that of the sellers.  An agent’s primary fiduciary obligation is to try to get the most money possible for the seller, not to try to get double the commission by representing both the seller and the buyer.  Many buyers see that sign but keep walking, thinking they’ll call or notify their own agent later.  They’ve forgotten it by the time they get home.  The listing agents also want their pretty, photo-shopped picture all over town.  They serve as little mini-billboards, like those “Have a Crash, Get the Cash” signs you see on the highway down South.  They want you to remember how many times you saw their picture when you have to choose a realtor.  “Oh, so-and-s0 must be good, I see his signs everywhere.”  Sorry – effectively marketing yourself does not make you a good realtor.

Our Turoff Team signs are not fancy schmancy.  They are practical, efficient and they put the best interests of the seller first.  They attach to the gate so that they are within reach and they have an attached flyer box so potential buyers can grab a flyer as they pass.  They have a plaque affixed to the sign itself so that even if the flyer box is empty, people can see what kind of home is being sold along with the associated information.  It has our contact info so that people can call us if they’d like to schedule an appointment, but if they want to bring that flyer to their own agent, or give it to a friend, or attend an open house, that’s OK with us too.  Our job is to sell the home to the most qualified buyer for the most money possible and as quickly as possible.  If your agent’s goal is to make more commission dollars, even if it means you’re getting less for your home, it’s time to reassess your relationship.










Oh, and the photo we use on our signs and business cards are not photoshopped.  They are not even professionally taken.  They are a picture of us with our (past) dog at the Mets game.  Because that’s who we are.  That’s who you are hiring.

If you’re thinking of selling your home, please call me first (201.993.9500) and give The Turoff Realty Team the opportunity to show you why we can help you sell your home faster and for more money!

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  1. Jc

    100% agree Lori. Your signs are always the most informative in town. Granted these days all the info is just in your pocket anyway with a quick search if walking by, as a seller I would want anybody walking by to be armed with all info possible. I also love the open house signs on corners with no price listed!!!. I don’t work in the industry but I’ve bought and sold about 9 properties and not once did I care how cool the agents photo was. What’s the deal with this anyway? How old of a marketing ploy is this? Are we really to trust a property is quality or desire a property more because of what the agent looks like? Any picture of an agent with a dog beats any professional photo of a guy/girl with perfect hair who probably doesn’t even own his/her own home. BTW That should be disclosed by agents I think.

  2. Lori Turoff

    LOL – I love the part about not owning a home. I think it should be a prerequisite to getting one’s license!

    I’ve seen larger than life size, photo-shopped head shots of one agent in particular, in which the agent is truly unrecognizable. It makes me laugh. I can see it if you’re an actor or a model or something where your looks are crucial to your performance. But could you imagine what you’d think if your lawyer, accountant, or financial planner advertised with a selfie?

  3. JC

    So Bizarre. I wonder if there is any research on this topic. I’ve read “better looking” folks make more money than “not so good looking” peers, but wonder about RE agent signs/ads. So weird.

  4. Lori Turoff

    So not classy, too! You should see some of the realtor sign pix I see in New Orleans!

  5. JC

    What’s the deal with the realtor signs in New Orleans that say “Not haunted”??? Is that some sort of crazy disclosure down there? Are we just us to assume all properties are haunted, so A disclosure like that could put some folks at ease? And what if they’re wrong, and it is haunted and somebody bought under the assumption that it was not haunted as advertised? Is there any law down there pertaining to haunted versus not haunted disclosures? Or is it just more of a Catchy phrase to grab attention. I was always curious about that, I would love to hear your opinion.

  6. Lori Turoff

    You’d have to consult with an attorney who specializes in ghost law.

    But there are haunted properties in Louisiana, no doubt about that!

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