2016 Nov 4th

The Other Election – Hoboken School Board

I know we are all focused on the upcoming Presidential race, as we should be, but there is more on the ballot for Hobokenites.  The School Board is up for grabs.  As we are a community with so many children, you would think locals would pay more attention to this.  Yet, in the many years I’ve volunteered to work for political campaigns, more often than not, when asking residents if they are registered to vote in Hoboken, the answer is “no”.  People move here thinking Hoboken is just a temporary stop along the way and don’t bother to take an interest in local issues.  Elections in Hoboken are frequently decided by a handful of votes.  It’s truly shameful.  Your property value is directly affected by the quality of Hoboken schools.  Our High School is consistently rated one of the worst in the State of New Jersey.  Once again, the stakes here are huge.

If you own property in Hoboken, pay your share of property tax in Hoboken, send your kids to school in Hoboken, you might want to

read this

and educate yourselves on the current options for of School Board candidates.  I don’t pretend to be an expert in education and we don’t have kids in the school district as we don’t have kids.  Yet, I’ve made my decision as to what is best for Hoboken and urge you to support continued progress.

VOTE:   1  2  4  for Hoboken School Board

We’ve made too much progress in Hoboken to go back to darker times.

  1. Victor Alvarez

    1-2-4 are the ones responsible for the shameful disgrace that is Hoboken High. 1-2-4 know it is so bad they won’t send their own kids there! Its time for a change in management. We need 3-6-5 to clean up this mess. Vote 3-6-5!!!

  2. Lori Turoff

    Really Victor? Do you have any facts at all to back up your rash statement?

  3. Jeff

    Lori – any views on Question 2 for NJ? It would seem to serve to enforce that money from the gas tax increase would only go to transportation improvements (in which case to me a yes vote makes sense). But there are people claiming that it won’t really do that.

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