2017 Mar 31st

The Joke that is Known as NJ Real Estate Licensee Continuing Education

People often comment to me as to how inept many real estate agents seem to be.  One would think that having a license requirement of 75 hours of education and a continuing education requirement, there would be some basic level of competency in the industry.  One would be wrong.

My biannual continuing ed. was due so I signed up for an on-line course to satisfy the requirements and avoid the late fine.  We are required to take 12 credits (basically 4 courses) of classes by April 30 or pay an additional $200.  I’ve done these classes since the CE requirement was instituted a few years back.  The part that amazed me this time is that once you read through the lessons and take the practice quizzes there is a final exam for each course.  The passing grade is zero.  That is correct – you can get very single question wrong, pass the test and get your credit.

Your score: 0%

Congratulations!  You successfully passed your exam. 

The subject matter is also pretty humorous.  Here are a few examples.  Trust me, I could not make this stuff up:

In the “Going Green” module, one questions was to the effect of:

1. Using electronic marketing methods such as e-mail marketing campaigns, social media marketing campaigns, and phone broadcast and text message campaigns results in __________.

Agents can pay the $50ish dollars for the courses, sign onto the site, click through without reading a word, score a zero on the tests and satisfy their NJ continuing education requirement for the next two years.  Seriously.


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