2017 Apr 23rd

What’s in a Name, Hoboken?

It’s official!

The area North of the Viaduct is booming. It deserves a name. We’ve heard a few tossed about. Remember when they called the area near 800 Jackson the “Tribeca of Hoboken”? Well, that was a joke. But this is not.

The area NOrth of the VIaduct is has officially been christened:


Not, NoVia, not Noviken, Not, Norvi, it’s NoVi. Like SoHo.  Accent on the No!

Hey, that would make a cute tee-shirt – “NoVi – accent on the No!”

  1. Chili Agee

    Is SoDoSoPa taken?

  2. Lori Turoff


  3. Josh

    SoWeeNoHo has a nice ring to it!

  4. Zach Turner


  5. Chili Agee

    How about FeLiFuWee for Feels Like Fucking Weehawken?

  6. Lori


  7. Lori

    Maybe we should have a contest?

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