2017 Apr 23rd

What’s in a Name, Hoboken?

It’s official!

The area North of the Viaduct is booming. It deserves a name. We’ve heard a few tossed about. Remember when they called the area near 800 Jackson the “Tribeca of Hoboken”? Well, that was a joke. But this is not.

The area NOrth of the VIaduct is has officially been christened:


Not, NoVia, not Noviken, Not, Norvi, it’s NoVi. Like SoHo.  Accent on the No!

Hey, that would make a cute tee-shirt – “NoVi – accent on the No!”

  1. Chili Agee

    Is SoDoSoPa taken?

  2. Lori Turoff


  3. Zach Turner


  4. Chili Agee

    How about FeLiFuWee for Feels Like Fucking Weehawken?

  5. Lori


  6. Lori

    Maybe we should have a contest?

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