2017 Aug 8th

The July Hoboken and Downtown Jersey City Condo Sales Results!

We have big news – not only are we posting the Hoboken condo sales results, but we are now tracking the Downtown Jersey City condo sales results as well.

Here is HOBOKEN:


  1. M. R.

    It seems Jersey City market is more expensive than Hoboken when comparing sqt/ft. for two bedrooms, but not so with single, or three bedrooms. Why is it that two bedrooms in Jersey City is more expensive?

  2. JC

    @M.R…..looks like JC more expensive 1 BR also. I think we should remember one month doesn’t constitute an absolute fact or trend. Both are healthy. We’ll take it!

  3. Michael

    I’ve been following this site for a while and it is great. I look forward to the analysis every month. One question I have generally is as follows: let’s say in Hoboken you have a 4 unit, no elevator building and all condos are essentially the same. What kind of premium would be charged for the the apartment on the first floor with a deeded backyard? I’ve heard from multiple people that these apartments are sought after and that 60k and up is a typical premium. Any thoughts?

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