2017 Nov 16th

Does Fido Need a New Home?

Some Great Tips for Finding the Right Home for You and Your Dog

When you’re house hunting, you want to find the perfect spot for every member of your family, including your pooch. But where do you start? Here are some tips on what to look for in prospective homes and how to make the move a breeze.


Make a list. One of the best things you can do to get started is to write down features you want in your new home. Think through things that will make life easier for you and your dog, and notate items that are “must haves.” Here are some suggestions:

Stairs. Many dogs have trouble navigating stairs, especially in old age. If there are stairs in the home, consider how hard they will be for your dog to manage. Look at areas such as the deck, porch, and entryway as well. Think about whether there is a railing to help contain your dog, and whether you will need to install ramps for easier access.

Elevators.  Hoboken has many elevator buildings.  How far a trek is it for your dog to get from your apartment to outside?  Especially important for puppies.  When I lived in the city, we had to go down an elevator, cross the sky lobby and then down another elevator and out the main lobby to the street.  That’s asking quite a bit from a new pup.

Fencing. A safely fenced-in private or common yard is the top feature dog owners seek in a new home. Consider how appropriate an existing fence is for your dog. Be sure your condo association allows pets and learn what the rules are about letting your dog into the common yard.  Some buildings prohibit it, some don’t.  Needless to say, always clean up after your dog if you expect to have the privilege of sharing a yard.

Pet-friendly landscaping. When looking at the home’s landscaping, consider what is growing that may be toxic to your dog. Daylilies, azaleas and daffodils are popular plants that are also poisonous to pets.

Water hazards and water access.  There are few pools in our area and dogs are generally prohibited from the pool area.  But, if you are buying a house, think about whether you will need to fence the area off to protect your dog from drowning. Look for easy access to outdoor spigots. You can bathe your dog outside and refill water bowls conveniently.  Is there a hose in the common yard of your condo?

Neighborhood. Find out if the neighborhood is pet-friendly. Consider whether you will have a safe area for walking with your dog. Check into area dog parks and other places you can go with your pooch.  Check with any homeowner associations and inquire about city ordinances.

Pet-related services. Research area pet sitters and dog walkers. Find out if you are close to a veterinarian, emergency pet clinic, and how far you need to travel to board your dog. You might even decide to board your dog during the move to avoid the stress and chaos of the event. Plug the services’ contact information into your phone so you are ready when you need it.

Preparing to Move

Once you find that perfect place, you need to plan how you will acclimate Fido to the new surroundings. The professionals at Redfin offer this advice:

Start packing. Begin packing gradually, and be calm and happy about the process. Your dog is sensitive to your emotions. Being organized and relaxed will make things easier for both of you.

Order new tags. Purchase new identification tags for your dog with your updated contact information.

Introduce the home. Take time with your dog to walk through the new home, and allow your pooch to explore and smell the surroundings.

Routine. Carry as much of the old routine into the new home as possible. Using the same bowls, food, bed and leash will help your dog feel secure. Keep your schedule consistent. Use a crate to help reduce anxiety for your dog.

The day of the move. According to some professionals, moving can be an extremely stressful event for your dog. Some dogs may become frightened and run away or hide. If you decide not to board your dog on the big day, make sure your pooch is in a secure place during the chaos.

Welcome home! Finding the right new home for you and your pet is exciting. Make a list of features you want and prepare properly for the move. You and your pooch will be settled down in no time!

If you happen to be looking for a home with a yard for your dog, I’ve got a great 1BR with a private yard for sale at 741 Park Avenue.  Give me a shout if you’d like to see it or stop by our open house from 1 to 3 Saturday and Sunday this weekend!

Sorry – technical issues – no Open House map today.  Go buy stuff for Thanksgiving and watch football.

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