2018 May 8th

The April Hoboken Condo Sales Results

Here are the April results for Hoboken condo sales.

Sorry for the correction – it happens sometimes despite our best efforts.  Thanks to reader, Jake, for bringing to my attention.  Much appreciated.  April’s numbers are down a bit from the prior few months.  Days on market is up.  Still seeing a 5% increase over last year in sales prices.  Inventory seems to be increasing a bit while the number sold is declining. It may be a blip. we will be sure to keep an eye on it.

Here is the 3-month rolling average chart from 2014 to date.  You can see there is always a bit of volatility and it’s just too soon to know if this most recent dip is a trend or a blip.
3 mo

  1. Vinnie

    It would be interesting to see to what degree the monthly sales trend correlates with the weather; If I recall correctly, at least one weekend in April was a wash (rain) and temperatures were well below normal:


  2. Jake

    Good idea Vinnie.
    So download the weekly weather report (temp, humidity, etc) into excel.

    Then download the real estate data above into the same file.

    Next, create a pivot table.

    Graph both lines if you like and share with Lori. She has already done the hard part.


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