2019 Sep 21st

Be Mindful of What you Say – Your Hoboken Seller May be Listening!

I am all about the security cameras.  They are cheap, easy to set up and work well.  I’ve got several.  The cameras are tiny, easy to hide and wireless.  When someone enters my home, I am pinged on my phone.  I can turn on audio and listen to what’s going on.  If I’m busy, I can set it to record.  Many people have these in their homes now and more and more will in the future.

When you are out looking at properties, you might think you are in the place alone with your agent.  But beware!  The seller may very well be watching and listening in.  So when you walk in and think “OMG, what a horrible kitchen” or, even worse “I love it and will pay whatever it takes to get it”, keep your thoughts to yourself.  The seller may very well be listening!

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