2019 Nov 6th

Pathetic and Apathetic Turnout in Hoboken Elections

About 1,800 people voted for the City Council in Hoboken yesterday.  That’s right, 1,800.  Out of a city of over 65,000.  Slight more voted for the school board candidates.  That is just a crying shame.  I would have thought by now, with people paying millions for their condos, they might have an interest in who and how their city is run and how their kids are educated.  Clearly, I am mistaken.  With the highest property tax rates in the country, and an extremely educated populace, where is the concern?

  1. Linda

    Those are scary statistics. I would have thought also that the number would have been higher especially in this highly polarized political environment that folks would have gotten out there and voted to make sure their voices are heard. The local elections are even more important since they effect the residents directly.

  2. MO

    While turnout was low it’s more than 1800. Perhaps 1800 in your ward? More in the whole city

  3. Lori

    Look at the individual election result numbers and total them by ward.

    With 100 percent of the districts reported, the unofficial results are:

    1ST WARD
    Michael DeFusco – 844 (66.14%)
    Migdalia Pagan-Milano – 430 (33.7%)

    2ND WARD
    Tiffanie Fisher – 872 (53.4%)
    Nora Martínez DeBenedetto – 760 (46.54%)

    3RD WARD
    Ronald Bautista – 408 (32.38%)
    Michael Russo – 846 (67.14%)

    4TH WARD
    Ruben Ramos Jr – 623 (61.62%)
    Lisa Sprengle – 387 (38.28%)

    5TH WARD
    Phil Cohen – 794 (52.03%)
    Timothy Crowell – 392 (25.69%)
    Nicola Maganuco – 334 (21.89%)

    6TH WARD
    Cristin Cricco Powell – 546 (44.5%)
    Jennifer Giattino – 633 (51.59%)
    Frank Rosner – 48 (3.91%)

    They were incredibly low in every ward. So let’s be optimistic – 2,000 voter in a city of over 65,000. Still shameful by any measure.

  4. MO

    The math above is off. You can only vote in one ward (although you never know this is Hoboken after all). The #;s above don’t include the VBMs either. So the real # is 9,000 , not 1,800. Without a major federal or state election these #’s are still low, but perhaps not as shameful as some may believe. How does it compare to prior ward elections? Is it really any worse than 2015 2011 etc?

  5. RK

    How are you getting 1,800 from these numbers? Also: comparison should be to registered or eligible voters, not total population.

  6. L

    The point remains the same – the vast majority of people in Hoboken who could vote, don’t.

  7. Roy

    Why would I vote when all candidates are left leaning and don’t distinguish themselves from one another? I can’t think of anything dumber to be fighting over than a rooftop public pool.

  8. Lori

    Why would you vote? When one pays tens of thousands of dollars in property taxes – or more – you might think you’d be interested in how that money was spent. It impacts way more than simply the phantom pool. But that’s just my opinion.

  9. Bishan Colon

    I would think that 1. most people are pretty happy with how the city has been run in recent years. Schools are improving, taxes have been kept as low as they could be. city infrastructure has been improving greatly and counting. I don’t think that people are interested in rooting one candidate over another because they promise much better things in the future. 2. The information about candidates and their plans isn’t readily available to the residence. Not like the national congressional election, there’s not much coverage on this to educate the broader population on who is who and who will do what. 3. From towncharts.com, Hoboken has 69% renter population. In general, renters are not interested in how the city is run, especially the younger generation. Most of them don’t plan to stay in Hoboken for long or aren’t educated enough to understand the impact of that the city policies have on them. This can greatly reduce the number of residences that are interested in voting.

  10. Lori

    How did Hoboken’s schools measure up among 2,105 others across the state?

    #320 – Hoboken Dual Language Charter – 84.88 rating
    #344 – Salvatore R. Calabro – 83.71
    #494 – Hoboken Charter – 76.60
    #1332 – Wallace Elementary – 36.71
    #1749 – Hoboken High – 16.90
    #1934 – Hoboken Middle School – 8.12
    #1966 – Thomas G. Connors – 6.53

    Pretty sad if people are happy with that.

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