2019 Nov 20th

Housing Discrimination? In Hudson County?

This is very eye-opening and relevant to the changing population of Hudson County.  (Sorry- can’t figure out how to post the article/video except at a link back to Newsday, where it was initially published.)

Long Island Divided

  1. Anonymous

    We moved from Hoboken to Westchester County two years ago. While searching, we were steered away from Scarsdale without being given a reason except “check the websites”. Scarsdale is Jewish – we are Catholic. It wasn’t discriminatory. I think agents steer their clients towards what they feel their clients will like more (and therefore be more likely to buy). Anyone can buy any house they like. 50 years ago they couldn’t.

  2. Lori

    What you describe is a classic example of steering – illegal under the current law in the US. It is not up to an agent to determine where people will feel comfortable. Anyone cannot buy a house if they are not given equal opportunity or information about the houses for sale. If you watch the video in the article, the reasons become quite clear.

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