2020 May 20th

The Hoboken Weekly Wednesday Wrap Up for the Week Ending May 20th

Week ending May 20th, 2020

Activity seems to be picking up again.  Perhaps the worst is behind us.  The Hoboken market has hardly been affected by the pandemic.  If anything, properties offering outdoor space have become more and more valuable as people realize they may be stuck at home and having a yard for the kids to play in is a huge asset.  Prices remain stable.  Showings are able to happen on a very limited basis.  Properties are selling and inventory remains tight.  Hope all are well and wear your masks for us old folks!

If you want to see what’s currently for sale in Hoboken?  Just click on the link directly below for all currently active properties.  Want to see what’s new this week, look down a bit further for the new listing link with properties sorted by price.

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  •  204 active Hoboken listings
  •  196 Condo & Co-op listings
  • 22 Single-family and Multi-family  

This Week’s Residential Property Sales & Activity:

Studio & 1-Bedroom Properties

4 Pending.

7 Sold

2-Bedroom Properties

5 Pending

6 Sold.

3-Bedroom & larger Properties

None Pending.

4 Sold.

  • 126 Monroe #1, listed 10/23 for $1.025mil, sold for $990k.
  • 70 Monroe #1, listed 2/2 for $1.2mil, sold for $1.135mil.
  • 702 Hudson #3, listed 2/27 for $1.425mil., sold for $1.375mil.
  • 1037 Clinton #2, listed 1/30 for $1.6mil, sold for $1.6mil.

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  1. LJ

    Trying to balance how the pandemic impacts buildings with
    High amenities. Gyms are closed in these buildings, even when if they reopen not so sure I want to be in one. Shuttles are of less value if working from home is the new normal. Swimming pools don’t offer enough space to social distance. Community rooms seem abit risky. Roof tops are great if not too crowded. Thinking the value of Hoboken to Manhattan will remain diminished since people will continue to avoid subway and Path. Hoboken’s budget deficit will lead to higher taxes. Going to bars and restaurants are a challenge.. All this said short of a vaccine, I think prices more so in high price, high amenity buildings are do for a haircut, maybe 5-10%.

  2. Lori Turoff

    LJ you may think that and you make some valid points. At the same time, Hoboken is much less dense than Manhattan. Many Hoboken properties have some sort of outdoor space – a very valuable amenity when one is stuck at home. The ferry is an alternative to the PATH. If people are working from home, as you mention, they won’t really need to commute into the city, at least not as often. Many of the smaller, older buildings – and I’m talking turn of the 20th Century – are 4 or 10 unit walk-ups with no elevators and most have big, common yards. Yes, a safe vaccine will matter but every town or neighborhood has pros and cons. It will ultimately come down to people’s needs and personal preferences.

    Be well and wear your mask!

  3. Bishan Colon

    Hi Lori, I have been enjoying your posts for years. Thanks for sharing! I have a quick question. We are planning to move to Montclair next year and want to make some minor repairs and improvements to our Hoboken condo (built in 2005) before putting it up for sale next year. We have a large gas fireplace which makes the living room a bit smaller and dining area tight. I’m wondering if removing the fireplace and making the living room open/bigger will bring the condo value higher or I should leave it as is since the fireplace can be a nice feature for a condo. I would appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks.

  4. lori

    Hi Bishan,

    I’d be happy to speak with you about your property. In general, if the fireplace really adds a focal point to the living room you might want to leave it. But without seeing the room, it’s hard to say. Feel free to contact me and you can send me a photo so I can give you better advice. Email or cell any time. I’m usually home these days!
    201 993 9500


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