2020 Jun 6th

Hoboken Condo Sales Results for May 2020

Housing is one of the most fundamental aspects of our lives. There can be no doubt that serious reforms are needed in the way the real estate industry operates. Racism and discrimination are rampant. Here is the very enlightening and unsettling Newsday study done just this past year showing how people of color and different nationalities are treated differently than whites on Long Island. Read it and believe it. New Jersey is just as bad.

Long Island Divided

I have sees blatant disregard of the letter and spirit of the Fair Housing Act on a daily basis in the 14+ years I have been a realtor. It’s time for awareness of these problems and real change, starting with enforcement of the Fair Housing Act by the brokerages and brokers, the local realtor associations and the NAR.

The need for affordable housing is critical. How it is created, who pays for it and who gets it are issues that need to be addressed. Here in Hoboken, it’s been a taboo subject for way too long.

Here are the numbers:

  1. Lory

    Good job calling out the breaches to the fair housing act. Let’s shine a light on this discrimination. And thanks as always for sharing the monthly numbers, this is such a helpful resource! Not to add more work to your plate, but in addition to # of BR, BA, it would really be great to capture whether units selling with terraces or private outdoor space are selling at a premium, or not. Thanks for all you do!

  2. Mike

    Agree with everything in the above comment. And, I’d also love to see what premium is being paid for deeded backyards or terraces.

  3. Lori Turoff

    I would love to break this down by br/ba but it’s simply not practical for me to do so. With regard to whether deeded yards or terraces add value, there is absolutely no question that they do. Now, more than ever.


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