About Us

The purpose of this blog is to provide you with information about the local real estate market.  We hope to share our insight into what is going in the market with you in this blog.

We are also a property owners and investors.  We’ve been personally involved in many transactions as both a buyer, seller, and landlord.  We have lived in Hoboken since 1999. We have a vested interest in seeing Hoboken flourish and the community improve.

I attended St. John’s University as an undergrad and graduated magna cum laude from Boston University Law School and worked as an attorney for a number of years. I clerked for a Federal judge, was an associate at Davis Polk & Wardwell and then in-house counsel at AT&T . I also have an MBA in finance from George Washington University.   We started an adventure travel company from scratch in 1992, La Corsa Tours.  La Corsa offers challenging bike vacations in France, Spain and Italy. I speak fluent Italian and conversational Spanish and French. The considerable amount of time I’ve spent in Europe gives me a unique perspective on life in Hoboken.

Sure, we have my opinions about the local market and properties and may sometimes express them. Some of you may disagree with us but opinions are just that – we don’t pretend they are facts. You are welcome to comment an any post. We  hope you find this a good read and maybe you learn something from it.  Thanks for your interest and time.

Lori Turoff

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