2009 Apr 12th

Happy Peepster, Hoboken!

This is just brilliant!  Enjoy the day and don’t eat the Peeps!


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2009 Apr 10th

Take the Weekend Off, Hoboken, and Spend it With your Family!

This weekend is both Easter and Passover and I’m busy cooking and preparing for the holiday.  While real estate is our passion, sometimes work  just has to give way to more important things.  So no open house map this weekend.  I can’t imagine that any real estate office will be open on Sunday either.  Forget about real estate for a few days.  Go out, enjoy the nice weather, watch some baseball, spend times with friends and family.   Happy Holidays!

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2009 Feb 23rd

Voicemail & Cell Phones

Jane Doe Please Call Me Again.

Voicemail – we all depend on it but it’s not always dependable.   Today I got a voicemail from one of my blog readers.  But she must have called me from her cell phone and just as she was leaving her phone number, the signal must have cut out.  Of course, for reasons that remain a mystery to me, my cell didn’t record her number either.  So when leaving a call back number on voicemail, especially if you’re calling from a cell phone, here’s a little tip – repeat your number twice.  Just to be sure.  And Jane, please try me again.  I didn’t know how else to reach you.


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