2011 Feb 21st

Misc. Stuff for a Snowy President’s Day in Hoboken

100_1133I don’t know how bad it is in Hoboken today, but Lori, Sempai and are are snowed-in at our weekend house upstate.  It may be pretty to look at now, all white and fluffy, but I can’t begin to tell you how DONE we are with this winter crapola.  Well, at least Lori and I are done.  Sempai couldn’t be happier – so who am I to complain?

We want to make a few changes to the blog to make it easier for followers to find and read older posts.  One of the first things we’re going to do is add a “search” function.  That should be fairly simple.  Another thing we want to do is organize old posts into catagories like “For Buyers” and “For Sellers.”  If you have a suggestion on how we can make HREN more user friendly and useful, we’d like to hear it.

Many of you know HREN was one of the very first real estate blogs and remains the only one that always has original content written by Lori and Howie (never “canned” articles from a service.)  We were the first to provide weekly market statistics, the first open house google map and the first to offer free comps for your tax appeals.  As Casey Stengel used to say “You could look it up.”  Here are some links to older posts that still have quite a bit a relevancy.  Many of our newer readers may never have seen these, and even long-time followers may enjoy re-reading some of these “classic” HREN posts.   Enjoy!

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OntheWaterfrontOne last thing – if you’ve never seen it before, On The Waterfront starring Marlon Brando will be on TCM this Fridayat 8PM.  Filmed in Hoboken in 1954, this is one one of the greatest films ever committed to celluloid, and even though Hoboken has changed a great deal in the past 56 years, you’ll still see may recognizable places.  Set those DVRs and TiVos!

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2011 Feb 13th

Wine Tasting Fundraiser Tonight!

winetasting-lhsSorry for the short notice, but short notice is better than no notice.

There is a Wine Tasting Fundraiser tonight (Sunday, Feb. 13th) from 7 to 9pm at the Madame Claude Wine Bar (234 Pavonia Ave. at Hamilton Square in Jersey City) to benefit the Liberty Humane Society.  There will be delicious cheeses, chocolates and wines, and a raffle to win a wine basket.  $25 at the door.  Lori and I will be there and we hope to see you there too!

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2010 Nov 18th

Joey Pantoliano to Get Keys to Hoboken

He also Makes a Killer Spaghetti Saucepepe pants

According to the Jersey Journal, the Emmy-award winning actor, Joe Pantoliano, and Rich Pepe, a chef and restaurateur on the West Coast will be honored next month at the 13th Annual Hoboken Boys & Girls Club fundraiser.  The two are childhood friends and Hoboken natives and are being honored for three generations of contributions to the city of Hoboken by their families.

What you may not know is that Joey & Rich are partners for a line of tomato sauce called “Pepe & Pants“.  One evening not long ago, I sent my husband to Garden of Eden for a tube of tomato paste.  Howie was on the phone with me while looking for the tomato paste when Pantoliano approached him and said “don’t buy that, try my tomato sauce instead” and put a jar in Howie’s hand.  Howie said to me “hey, Lori, Joey Pants wants me to buy his spaghetti sauce instead.  He says it’s the best spaghetti sauce there is”.   I replied “tell Joey his sauce is competing with your Italian wife’s homemade sauce!”   Howie agreed to buy a jar but invited Joey to come over to our house and do a taste test between his and mine.  I’ll let you know how that works out.

Joey & Rich will be cooking the family-style Italian dinner for the dinner guest in collaboration with Leo’s Grandevous,  the event’s sponsor.  Executive Director Gary Greenberg said “It struck me that these two gentlemen who were friends growing up in Hoboken and came from pretty difficult circumstances became pretty successful and have dedicated their lives to giving back.  That’s the message to the kids.”

A $150 sponsorship buys a ticket for one adult and a member of the Boys & Girls Club to attend the dinner. The pairs will meet at the dinner, get acquainted and dine together, Greenberg said.  Part of the proceeds will also benefit Pantoliano’s charity, No Kidding, Me Too!, which aims to remove the stigma attached to mental illness.

The event is scheduled for Dec. 7 at 5:30 p.m. at the Hoboken Boys & Girls Club, 123 Jefferson St.   Contact Gary Greenberg at ggreenberg@bgchc.org or (201) 333-4100, Ext. 302 for details.

Here is a video of Pants at the W Hoboken speaking about his cause, No Kidding, Me 2, at the W Hoboken:


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