2010 Oct 14th

Nothing to do with Hoboken Real Estate

NJ Devils v. Boston BruinsNJ Devils logo

We have two tickets to the Devils game on Saturday night, Oct. 16th that we can’t use because we are hosting Novel Night for the Hoboken library fund raiser.   Great seats in the mezzanine on the blue line.  Face value $85 each but we’ll take less.   Here is the real estate tie-in:  one of the nice benefits of living in Hoboken is taking the PATH to the Pru Center, which is really nice if you haven’t been yet.  If you are interested, give Howie a call.  201 724 6787.

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2010 Oct 4th

One Example of What is Wrong With The Real Estate World

I received this in an email the other day – it was an unsolicited mass mailing(otherwise known as spam) to Hoboken realtors:

hoboken lead

What’s wrong with this beside that I don’t like being spammed?

Well, 07030 is Hoboken.  It would be pretty tough to find a 1200 square foot 2 bedroom condo in Hoboken for under $300,000.

The other zip codes are 07641 – Hawthorne, NJ and 10960 – Nyack, New York.  It’s pretty rare for realtors to be licensed in multiple locations and even rarer multiple states.  Most Hoboken realtors belong only to the Liberty Board MLS which encompasses only Hudson county. The company that sent this, Homethinking.com, is supposed to be expert in real estate?  Why would they send a lead that combines Hoboken, Hawthorne and a different state???

Then, my favorite, the part where they describe the potential buyer’s credit history as “poor”. People with “poor” credit ratings probably should not be applying for mortgages and buying houses.

Just to be clear, this is a solicitation from this company to the realtor seeking $15 for the privilege of buying this lead.  I doubt that many agents will be sending our $15 to Homethinking any time soon.

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2010 Sep 3rd

Happy Labor Day Hoboken

Labor Day Reflectionslabor day

Labor day is the end of summer, the start of football season, and back to school for the kids.  It’s a final chance for fireworks, summer beach shares, and bar-b-ques.  According to Wikipedia,

The form for the celebration of Labor Day was outlined in the first proposal of the holiday: A street parade to exhibit to the public “the strength and esprit de corps of the trade and labor organizations,” followed by a festival for the workers and their families.

Most offices are closed this weekend and I can’t imagine why anyone would have an open house.  Personally, we are celebrating by taking 10 days off and riding our bikes in northern Spain, drinking lots of wine and watching the Vuelta d’Espana.  Depending on the wifi speed, we may or may not be posting for the next two weeks.  When we return, we look forward to the crisp Fall weather, lots of new listings and, hopefully, some good economic news to spur the buyers out there to take advantage of these ridiculously low interest rates while they last.  So in solidarity with workers everywhere, stay away from the office and the email, use suncreen (after Earl is gone) and enjoy the beautiful long weekend ahead!

– Lori & Howie

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