2009 Nov 2nd

Hoboken Elections – Yes, Again.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is Election Day in Hoboken

I know how tempting it is to think “it doesn’t matter, they are all the same in the end” and not vote.  For all you people out there that are interested in the Hoboken real estate market, though, it does matter.  PLEASE find the time to go out and vote tomorrow.  You care about your property taxes, no?  And what you can get for your place when you sell?  Or what you’ll have to pay to buy?  Or even how much you pay in rent?  All these are drastically affected by our local government.

There is a real difference between the candidates and their views.  From what I’ve read, Beth Mason & Dawn Zimmer seem to have a significant lead.  This is winner take all election – no run offs, no majority needed.  One vote could elect our next Mayor.  Not sure who you should vote for?  Also understandable.  Take a look at some of the posts on Hoboken411.com.  Read the comments too.  Of course many of them are biased but it’s better than the Hoboken Reporter or the ridiculous campaign ‘literature’ they keep shoving in my mailbox.  Do some reading.  Give it some thought.  Please go vote.

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2009 Oct 26th

Monday in Hoboken

Thanks to vreporter for submitting this in the comments. It was too funny not to post so you could all enjoy it and start the week with a laugh.


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2009 Oct 18th

W Hoboken Hosts Private Open Houses for Giants & Jets

Hoboken Condo Prices Small Change for Eli Manning & Co.

The NY Times had an interesting article on New Jersey real estate developers pitching their properties to professional athletes.  An unnamed NFL hockey player already lives in the building and several Jets and Giants showed up to visit the condo units at a private showing.  Maybe Mark Sanchez will join Eli as a fellow Hobokenite?

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