2013 Nov 26th

Toll Brothers offers Top-of-the-Line, Luxury Pet Condos for Hoboken’s Most Pampered Pets

Rarely Available!

The Height of Hoboken

Luxury Living

For your Cat or Dog


Take a peek at these exclusive and prestigious Hoboken Pet Condos, built by renown national developer, Toll Brothers City Living.

These luxurious residences are nestled in Hoboken’s most desired uptown neighborhood directly on the Hudson River, the very same coveted location as the Maxwell Place complex.  Of course, the complex is gated with on-site security for the residents’ comfort and peace of mind.  The pet condos enjoy delightful proximity to Elysian Park, and its newly renovated dog run, where fun and games are available at all times of day and night.

Featured units enjoy spectacular, panoramas of the Manhattan skyline from protected view corridors.  Professionally landscaped gardens boast rotating colors to complement the seasons.

Each home boasts a unique loft design and feels extremely spacious thanks to the cathedral ceilings.  As soon as your pet steps through the double-wide, grand entranceway it will know you have chosen the best Hoboken has to offer.

The  home exteriors are clad in modern fabrications and the sloping roof is the latest green design roof tiles especially configured for storm water runoff.  Each home is surrounded by abundant outdoor space, with the possibility of roving mice providing the opportunity for entertaining cat and mouse games.

These condos are of extremely limited availability with only two currently available.  Price upon request.  Outdoor space may be purchased for an additional fee.

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2013 Sep 18th

A Tree Grows in Hoboken

Want a beautiful tree in front of your building?  Now the City of Hoboken will plant one at your request for a mere $100 fee and a pledge to water it. Trust me, that may seem high but it’s a bargain!  We paid over $1,000 to plant a tree in front of our house in Hoboken several years ago.  tree

Trees are vitally important to urban neighborhoods.  They grow, create shade, keep home heating and cooling costs down, reduce greenhouse gasses, soak up storm water runoff, shelter wildlife and help biodiversity, and reduce the urban heat island effect.  They create a safety buffer between cars and pedestrians, increase property values and it has been shown that business even do better on tree lined streets.  They make not just your home but the whole street look prettier.

According to the City’s notice, property owners who would like a tree planted in a sidewalk tree well in front of their home should complete this online request form: www.hobokennj.org/boards/shade-tree-commission/treerequest/. Requests will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis, and funding may be insufficient to immediately satisfy all requests.

Each location requested will be surveyed by a professional from the Department of Environmental Services to ensure there are no conflicts with the surrounding infrastructure and that the site is a suitable one for a tree to grow and thrive.

Requests can be made for existing empty tree beds as well as paved sidewalk locations. If a tree well does not exist, one will be opened. Trees will not be planted on private property, only in sidewalk tree wells.

Trees are only planted during our two planting seasons: Spring (March 1 to May 31) and fall (October 1 to December 31). This current planting will take place in October or November, 2013.

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2013 Jul 23rd

Mandatory Decor For All Hoboken Mommies & Especially Mommies To Be!

I have seen thousands of apartments in Hoboken.  I’ve yet to see one with a baby where the baby’s name is not up on the wall, in some form, above the crib.  In order to help expecting Hoboken moms prepare for their bundle of joy, I offer the following, from one of my favorite shopping sites, One King’s Lane:


One Kings Lane

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