2018 Apr 14th

Zillow getting into the Home Buying and Selling Game

The real estate business is going through a huge change.  It has not hit Hoboken yet, but fear not – it’s coming.  Zillow is capitalized at over $9 billion.  That’s a lot of chedda!  They just announced that they are entering the “iBuyer” game.  You may not know what that is, yet, but you will.  Basically, the home seller will complete an information sheet about the property they wish to sell.  Zillow will price it and make an instant offer.  The entire transaction will be handled electronically (Zillow bought the transaction management software company, DotLoop, which we realtors all use).  Then Zillow will turn around and sell the home on-line.  They already rolled out a test in Orlando and Las Vegas and now they are expanding into other markets.  Zillow claims agents will be involved in the process though it’s not clear how.  What is crystal clear is that Zillow will charge those agents a hefty fee to participate.  Time will tell if this will be successful but I bet it is just a matter of time.  Stay tuned!

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2018 Apr 11th

The Weekly Wednesday Wrap Up for the Week of April 11th

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Activity has been pretty constant this week.  Things may change if the weather ever turns warm!  In some local real estate news, Mayor Bhalla is hosting a community meeting on what to do with the not-very-attractive “Multi Service Center” at 124 Grand.  April 26 at 6pm – too early for most people who work to attend.

As of April 11th, 2018:

  •   205 active Hoboken listings
  •   185 Condo & Co-op listings, compared to 186 last week
  •   27 Single-family and Multi-family compared to 26 last week.

 This Week’s Residential Property Sales & Activity:

Studio & 1-Bedroom Properties

72 Active

19 New

9 Pending

5 Sold

2-Bedroom Properties

63 Active

13 New

14 Pending

 9 Sold

3-Bedroom & larger Properties

50 Active

14 New

5 Pending

  • 800 Jackson #914, listed 3/27 for $900k.
  • 926 Garden #2, listed 3/14 for $1.175k.
  • 306 Park #3, listed 3/7 for $2.05mil.
  • 718 Jefferson #3, listed 1/10 for $2.15mil.
  • 310 Hudson #1, lsited 12/14 for $2.6mil.
1 Sold
  • 208 Bloomfield #1, listed 9/22 for $2mil, sold for $1.925mil.


Sales numbers rounded up for convenience.  Information is deemed to be reliable but not guaranteed.


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2018 Apr 6th

The Hoboken & Downtown JC Open House Google Map for Saturday, April 7th & Sunday, April 8th 2018

Courtesy of the Turoff Realty Team

Contact us at info@hobokensbest.com or call 201.993.9500 for private viewings or more info on any property.

Click on the map below to see every Open House in Hoboken this weekend.


Click HERE to see the Downtown Jersey City Open House Map

Place markers are color coded:

  • 1BRs are RED
  • 2BRs are GREEN
  • 3+ BRs are YELLOW
  • New listings are marked with a Push Pin icon (in the same color scheme.)

“Address”, “Price” “Bed” or “Details” columns can be sorted in ascending or descending order.

Click the individual location marker for:

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