2017 Jan 28th

The Hoboken & Downtown JC Open House Google Map for Saturday, January 28th & Sunday, January 29th, 2017

The Original and Best Open House Google Map!

Courtesy of the Turoff Realty Team

No need to register! No form to fill out!

Just click on the map below to see every Open House in Hoboken this weekend:


Click HERE to see the Downtown Jersey City Open House Map

When you look at the maps, place markers are color coded:

  • Studios & 1BRs are red
  • 2BRs are green
  • 3BRs & Bigger are yellow
  • New listings are marked with a Push Pin icon (in the same color scheme.)

Click the “Address”, “Price” “Bed” or “Details” columns to sort the list of open houses in ascending or descending order.

Click on the location marker for:


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2017 Jan 25th

The Weekly Wednesday Wrap-Up – Hoboken Residential Sales and Activity for the Week of January 25th, 2017

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As of January 25, 2017:

  • 115 active Hoboken listings
  • 93 Condo & Co-op listings, compared to 90 last week
  • 13 Single-family listings, compared to 14 last week
  • 9 Multi-family listings, compared to 12 last week


This Week’s Residential Property Sales & Activity:

  • 17 DABOs (Deposit Accepted By Owner and Under Contract) vs 8 last week
  • 15 Sold vs 17 last week
  • 22 New listings vs. 21 last week
  • 4 Price changes vs. 2 last week
  • 0 expired listings vs. 3 last week


Studio & 1-Bedroom Properties

33 Active listings

8 New listings

2 Price changes


  • 116 Adams St., 1 listed Jan 11 for $299K;
  • 222 Monroe St., 2RS listed Jan 2 for $450K;
  • 818 Jefferson St., 3C listed Jan 12 for $525K;
  • 659 1st St., 303 listed Nov 29 for $535K; reduced Dec 15 to $527K;
  • 1500 Washington St., 7J listed Jan 13 for $610K;

6 Sold

  • 203 Washington St., 201 listed Nov 17 for $329K; sold for $340K;
  • 159 Newark St., 1B listed Nov 17 for $495K; sold for $525K;
  • 1450 Washington St., 215 listed Sept 23 for $679K; sold for $672K;
  • 1100 Maxwell Ln.,905 listed Nov 1 for $925K; sold for $920K;
  • 98 Park Ave., 3C listed Dec 9 for $998K; sold for $998K;
  • 1125 Maxwell Ln., 1202 listed Oct 26 for $980K; sold for $999K;


2-Bedroom Properties

34 Active listings

8 New listings

No Price changes


  • 358 6th St., 3L listed Jan 6 for $469K;
  • 805 Park Ave., 1R listed Jan 4 for $479K;
  • 708 Garden St., 3 listed Jan 17 for $575K;
  • 610 Newark St., 6E listed Jan 12 for $599K;
  • 517 Jackson St., 302 listed Oct 5 for $645K;
  • 830 Monroe St., 2J listed Jan 13 for $825K;
  • 2 Constitution Ct., 1206 listed Oct 14 for $$2.10M;
8 Sold
  • 809 Washington St., 5L listed Nov 6 for $499K; sold for $490K;
  • 551 Observer Hghwy., 6D listed Dec 1 for $695K; sold for $680K;
  • 600 Hudson St., 1D listed Dec 1 for $825K; sold for $850K;
  • 830 Monroe St., 3E listed Oct 12 for $869K; sold for $859K;
  • 224 Bloomfield St., 11 listed Nov 18 for $869K; sold for $869K;
  • 213 Clinton St., 2 listed Oct 13 for $900K; sold for $905K;
  • 800 Jackson St., PH3 listed Sept 14 for $999K; sold for $995K;
  • 1500 Hudson St., 5H listed Oct 31 for $1.299M; sold for $1.325M;


3-Bedroom & Larger Properties

26 Active listings

6 New listings

2 Price changes

9 Multi-Family Active listings

13 Single-Family Active listings


  • 65 Jefferson St., 4 listed Jan 13 for $739K;
  • 64 Jefferson St., B listed Jan 6 for $1.40M;
  • 1037 Clinton St., listed Jan 15 for $1.70M;
  • 126 Bloomfield St., 2 listed Mar 2 for $2.50M; reduced Jun 14 to $2.499M:
  • 2 Constitution Ct., 403 listed Nov 21 for $2.799M;

1 Sold

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2017 Jan 19th

AirBnB at Marine View Towers?

I wrote about some of the issues raised by AirBnB’s proliferation in Hoboken the other day.  Today, while at a photo shoot with a tenant, she mentioned that when her parents were here from Europe, they stayed for the week at an AirBnB at Marine View Towers.  Marine View is supposed to be, and I believe was constructed as, subsidized housing for middle income residents.   I’m no expert in HUD or how they were funded or who owns them now but I do know this – they are not paying property taxes equivalent to what market rate buildings pay.  The units there rent for extremely low prices.  I have acquaintances who have a 2 bedroom with a balcony and NYC views for under $1,200 a month – including parking, heat and hot water and a pool.  So I did a quick search on AirBnB and sure enough, there are people subletting their rental apartments  at Marine View for $165 a night.

Screenshot 2017-01-19 12.23.14

Is this even allowed in this building?  Should it be?  Is there some inherent unfairness about taking advantage of subsidized housing at the expense of the city’s coffers and on the backs of other property paying owners only to turn it around and personally profit from the situation?  I don’t know about you but this just rubs me entirely the wrong way.

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