2015 Dec 15th

The Weekly Wednesday Wrap-Up – Hoboken Residential Sales and Activity for the Week of December 16th, 2015

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As of December 16th, 2015:

  • 109 active Hoboken listings
  • 91 Condo & Co-op listings, compared to 101 last week
  • 11 Single-family listings, compared to 11 last week
  • 7 Multi-family listings, compared to 8 last week

This Week’s Residential Property Sales & Activity:

  • 17 DABOs (Deposit Accepted By Owner and Under Contract) vs 12 last week
  • 29 Sold vs 16 last week
  • 12 New listings vs. 15 last week
  • 7 Price changes vs. 6 last week
  • 1 expired listing vs. 1 last week

Studio & 1-Bedroom Properties

29 Active listings

6 New listings

2 Price changes


  • 230 Monroe St., E2FS listed Dec 8 for $449K;
  • 319 Grand St., 2A listed Nov 24 for $475K;
  • 612 Adams St., 8 listed Nov 25 for $519K; reduced Dec 2 to $509K;
  • 456 9th St., 18 listed Nov 20 for $575K;

8 Sold

  • 133 Madison St., 4R listed Jun 16 for $315K; sold for $315K;
  • 330 Madison St., 4 listed Oct 22 for $329K; sold for $340K;
  • 621 Willow Ave., 5L listed Sept 16 for $400K; sold for $399K;
  • 1015 Washington St., 33 listed Sept 24 for $449K; sold for $449K;
  • 1325 Adams St., 502 listed Sept 25 for $515K; sold for $515K;
  • 1100 Adams St., 309 listed Sept 28 for $550K: sold for $550K;
  • 1125 Maxwell Ln., 440 listed Aug 9 for $924K; reduced Aug 24 to $895K; reduced Sept 17 to $875K; sold for $862K;
  • 1100 Maxwell Ln., 805 listed July 10 for $900K; sold for $872K;

2-Bedroom Properties

46 Active listings

5 New listings

3 Price changes

10 DABOs

  • 532 Washington St., 2N listed Nov 12 for $428K;
  • 531 Park Ave., 2 listed Nov 5 for $600K;
  • 501 Adams St., 3G listed Dec 1 for $648K;
  • 501 9th St., 203 listed Dec 1 for $699K;
  • 380 Newark St., 2D listed Nov 30 for $749K;
  • 456 9th St., listed Oct 30 for  $759; reduced Nov 4 to $750K;
  • 830 Monroe St,. 4D listed Nov 7 for $759K;
  • 1021 Grand St., PHC listed Dec 4 for $799K;
  • 725 Jefferson St., 3 listed Dec 7 for $925K;
  • 1025 Maxwell Ln., 611 listed Oct 5 for $1.229M; reduced Nov 10 to $1.209M; reduced Nov 17$1.190M;
14 Sold
  • 1108 Park Ave., 5L listed Oct 13 for $499K; sold for $495K;
  • 551 Observer Hghwy., 6A listed Sept 8 for $499K; sold for $511K;
  • 729 Madison St., 3C listed Oct 5 for $649K; sold for $672K;
  • 509 Garden St., 4 listed Oct 1 for $659K; sold for $680K;
  • 700 1st St., 12F listed Oct 16 for $695K: sold for $695K;
  • 800 Jackson St., 406 listed Oct 14 for $700K; sold for $718K;
  • 700 1st St., 11H listed Oct 6 for $739K; sold for $745K;
  • 400 9th St., W4H listed Aug 28 for $799K; sold for $790K;
  • 825 Washington St., 1A listed Sept 9 for $829K; reduced Oct 23 to $799K; sold for $805K;
  • 659 1st St., 305 listed Oct 8 for $865K: sold for $865K;
  • 162 7th St., listed Sept 24 for $899K; sold for $880K;
  • 1450 Washington St., 408 listed Oct 28 for $935K; sold for $910K;
  • 264 5th St., 2E listed Oct 14 for $875K; sold for $950K;
  • 1500 Hudson St., 2J listed Sept 1 for $1.459M; reduced Oct 2 to  $1.375M; sold for $1.290M;

3-Bedroom & Larger Properties

16 Active listings

1 New listing

2 Price changes

7 Multi-Family Active listings

11 Single-Family Active listings


  • 16 Willow Terr., listed Dec 9 for $755K;
  • 118 Monroe St., listed Nov 27 for $1.350M;
  • 1425 Garden St., 501 listed Oct 8 for $1.750M;

7 Sold


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2015 Dec 12th

The Hoboken & Downtown JC Open House Google Map for Saturday, December 12th & Sunday, December 13th, 2015

The Original and Best Open House Google Map!

Courtesy of the Turoff Realty Team

No need to register! No form to fill out!

Just click on the map below to see every Open House in Hoboken this weekend:


Click HERE to see the Downtown Jersey City Open House Map

When you look at the maps, place markers are color coded:

  • Studios & 1BRs are red
  • 2BRs are green
  • 3BRs & Bigger are yellow
  • New listings are marked with a Push Pin icon (in the same color scheme.)

Click the “Address”, “Price” “Bed” or “Details” columns to sort the list of open houses in ascending or descending order.

Click on the location marker for:

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2015 Dec 9th

The November Hoboken Condo Sales Results

The November Hoboken Condo sales results are in. Prices are down from previous months but still better than November 2015.  If you look at the 3BR category, you’ll see a lack of those very large, over-a-million-dollar sales, which I believe lowered the overall average sales price compared to than recent months.

What I find shocking is an average price per square foot for 1BR condos of almost $700!!! How do first time homebuyers afford that and where do they get $150,000 for a down payment?

There are more units on the market this November than there were last November but there were also more sales.  Overall, inventory is still extremely tight and competition for the few properties that do come on the market intense. Days on market has dropped from an average of 40 a year a go to only 27 now.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – there is no reason to expect that this situation will change any time soon.  Even if interest rates rise, it will be by such a small amount that the market should remain unaffected.  If you are a seller, you are sitting pretty.  We are always happy to see our past buyers making a very nice (tax-free) profit when the sell.  One of the biggest benefits of buying over renting, besides the mortgage deduction, is appreciation potential, especially for younger buyers.  If you are looking to buy, you need a smart, experienced agent who has guided buyers through this sort of market many, many times and can help you actually win the property, hopefully without multiple bids.  That would be the Turoff Team so feel free to reach out at [email protected]

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