2019 Nov 27th

The November 27 Thanksgiving Weekly Wednesday Wrap Up of Hoboken Condo Sales

Week ending Nov 27th, 2019

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  •  237 active Hoboken listings
  •  193 Condo & Co-op listings
  • 24 Single-family and Multi-family  

This Week’s Residential Property Sales & Activity:

Studio & 1-Bedroom Properties

7 Pending.

4 Sold

2-Bedroom Properties

8 Pending

12 sold

3-Bedroom & larger Properties

5 Pending.

  • 462 Newark #3, listed 11/13 for $900k.
  • 70 Monroe #3, listed 10/15 for $1.1mil.
  • 827 Bloom 201, listed 10/10 for $1.22mil.
  • 115 Grand 305, listed 11/1 for $1.45mil.
  • 128 Harrison 203, listed 9/13 for $1.5mil.

4 Sold

  • 626 Grand #3, lsted 8/9 for $850k, sold for $850k.
  • 100 Paterson 2B, listed 8/12 for $1.325mil, sold for $1.3mil.
  • 600 Newark 600, listed 9/30 for $1.623mil, sold for $1.587mil.
  • 304 Garden #1, listed 5/31 for $1.9mil, sold for $1.84mil.

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2019 Nov 26th

That’s OK Boomer, I’ll Just Rent

It’s no secret that young people don’t want to own things.  Uber, streaming, even rental furniture and clothing are all popular now.  When a young person needs 10% of the purchase price  of a home for a down payment, and has vast outstanding student loan debt, it become very hard to buy that starter home.  I’m certainly seeing fewer first time condo buyers in Hoboken.  There was recently an article on BrickUnderground.com about NYC renters who intend to rent forever.  It’s really a shame as buying a home is one of the fastest and easiest ways to accumulate wealth.  Good times or bad, people tend to make their mortgage payment while they may not be so diligent about savings.  Over time, property appreciates and wealth accumulates.  Yet many young people simply can’t buy a home because they have no or little saving.  Others don’t want to buy a home as they don’t see any advantage to owning over renting.  Personally, I would never live in a rental after having owned my own home.  But to each his own.

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2019 Nov 20th

Housing Discrimination? In Hudson County?

This is very eye-opening and relevant to the changing population of Hudson County.  (Sorry- can’t figure out how to post the article/video except at a link back to Newsday, where it was initially published.)

Long Island Divided

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