2009 Apr 26th

How Badly Do You Want to Sell?

There Are Hundreds of Hoboken Condos on the Market.  Do You REALLY Want to Sell Yours?

With all the condos available for sale, why are some sellers making it so difficult to show theirs?

With buyers off from work and time set aside to look at properties, Saturdays and Sundays are real estate agents’ busiest days.  Every weekend, dozens of agents make appointments to show the nicest condos.  There are never enough sets of keys to go around so we call each others cell phones and chase each other down to hand off keys taking time, cooperation, coordination and a lot of running around.  

Then there are the keys that aren’t marked.  Without knowing which key opens which door we waste time trying to get access.  Sometimes there are keys that don’t work so that we can’t get in at all, and when buyers take a long time looking at a given property they really like or if they have children in tow who need to find a potty or have a snack it makes it very difficult for agents to adhere to a strict time schedule.  Delays are often simply beyond our control.

With multiple appointments scheduled for most units, you would think that a seller would make plans to go out for the better part of the day, or at least from 11am until 3pm?  Instead, I’ve noticed an interesting trend among Hoboken condo owners.  They are telling agents to make our appointments within a 30 minute window.  Are you kidding?  Do you really want to sell your unit?  It’s hard enough for us to stay within the typical one hour time window.  Little Jason or Jessica may need to take a nap, but wouldn’t it be better for them to do that at grandma’s?  Do your self a favor: get out of the house and let us do our job and try to sell your place.  Let me give you a head’s-up – if you make it difficult for us to get in, do you know what we do?  We show our buyer something else.

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