2008 Aug 29th

Get Out and Ride – Bike Hoboken!

A Bicycle May Just Be The Best Way To Get Around Hobokenbike-parking.jpg

With gas prices and traffic always on the rise one of the best ways to get around Hoboken may be by bike. Personally, I ride my bike around Hoboken every day – to my office, to show properties, to the gym. Parking becomes a non-issue and it’s faster and easier on your feet than walking. Now there are real estate agencies using bicycles to take clients out looking at properties. Of course, the trend has started and caught on in Colorado. But given the urban environment of Hoboken, riding a bike may soon be the way to go here as well.

Some Common Road Blocks

My husband and I have been serious cyclists for years, as competitive triathletes and founders and directors of La Corsa Tours, a bike tour company that runs challenging bike tours in France, Spain & Italy. We rode regularly in Manhattan from the Village up to Central Park. To us, the traffic in Hoboken is not as intimidating as it was in the City. Of course, for less experienced cyclists and at times even for me, it can still be frightening. I was “doored” riding up Washington Street just the other evening.It’s very understandable that people are afraid to ride a bike in Hoboken. The situation may soon improve though, thanks to the efforts of local councilperson Dawn Zimmer and the “Bike Hoboken” group started by Juan Melli. They have been working to initiate a bike friendly plan for Hoboken. Better enforcement of traffic laws would certainly be a good place to start and there’s lots more to be done. Eventually Hoboken will become more walkable and friendlier to cyclists, because it has to. Hoboken just cannot accommodate more vehicular traffic. Stay tuned to sites like hoboken411.com for more upcoming Bike Hoboken events.

Why It Matters The For Hoboken Real Estate Market

Buyers are very concerned about their commute! How long, how far, how expensive it is to get to work are important factors they consider when purchasing a home or condo. Unquestionably, Hoboken has great transportation options for getting into Manhattan. Buyers also care about quality of life. Towns & cities are now being rated for their ‘walkability’ index . According to WalkScore.com, Hoboken rates an 89 out of 100. Manhattan is rated 100. Having a bike friendly neighborhood makes Hoboken a more appealing place to many people. A more appealing city means higher Hoboken property values. So think about it – get that old commuter bike out of storage and give it a try while the weather is still beautiful. And if you’d like to go out looking at properties by bike, just let me know.Have a safe Happy Labor Day Holiday!

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