2011 Apr 15th

Condos Don’t Grow the Way Kids Do

I understand that it is often difficult for buyers, especially first-time buyers, to envision what a property could look like.  They may not have much experience with renovations or even with decorative changes like painting, window treatments or moldings.  They may not be able to see past a tenant’s mess or ugly furniture.hiding-bed

When I’m out working with my buyers, I try to point out things that can be upgraded easily and affordably.  I’m not talking about redoing an entire kitchen or moving walls.  Much smaller changes like new appliances, new cabinet hardware, or new light fixtures often make a big difference.  One of the big mistakes these buyers make is to dismiss the condo that sometimes is a gem in the rough in favor of the one that is “finished” even when the “finished” one may be much smaller.  It’s important to keep in mind that you can always make decorative changes but you can not make a condo any bigger than it already is.

I see young couples outgrowing small spaces all too often.  So I urge my buyers to look again with an open mind and a little imagination.  Down the road, you may really wish you had the extra space.

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