2010 Jun 28th

Does Your Hoboken Condo Suit Hoboken Demographics?

Steps to Selling your Hoboken Condo

The average age in Hoboken is, what, maybe 35?  That’s certainly the age of the average condo buyer, if even that.  What sort of decor do you think appeals to that group?  Formal cassics from Ethan Allan?  Extreme modern from Ligne Roset?  Or casual and fun furniture and accessories like those found  at Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrel?  (Don’t get me started on the frat-boy-dart-board-beer-can-pyramid-mattress-on-the-floor decor I have too often seen).couch

Today’s real estate market is still quite competitive with over 500 condos for sale in Hoboken.  Many of them are very similar.  How to make yours stand out in a crowd?  Of course it has to be spotlessly clean and neat as a pin.  Decorating with your target audience in mind is also going to help it sell.


I’ve recently seen two one-bedroom condos for sale for almost the same price, in the same building, with the exact same floor plan.  One had lots of fake greenery above the kitchen cabinets, heavy drapery, a dated-looking wall paper border around the top of the walls, wall-to-wall carpeting over the hardwood floor in the bedroom and some very ‘unique’ plastic shower doors attached to the tub behind the shower curtain.  The overall impression I got was that I’d walked into someone’s grandmother’s apartment.  The other was very neutral, (maybe a bit too neutral) but looked like a younger person’s home with clean lines and modern touches.  This young, clean style makes your home much more attractive to the younger buyer. Alternatively, if you don’t want to change your decor you could drop your price by 30% or so.  If you are the real bargain compared to the other seller, that might work too.bar

First time buyers often have a hard time looking beyond the surface and imagining what a property could look like. They are heavily influence by how it does look.  True, it might be impractical to buy all new furniture but accessories like pillows, pictures, lamps and paint are not extremely expensive yet can have a huge impact on a condo’s appearance.  Something to think about when you’re wondering why you haven’t had any offers yet.

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