2009 May 26th

Every Picture Tells a Story, Don’t It?

What Were They Thinking?

Back from vacation hard at work as if I was never even away, I was doing a search for a customer on the MLS today I couldn’t help but notice something.  Why would a listing agent not post photos of the property?  Not any.  Not a single one.  More than that, on this particular listing, there was no verbal description of the condo, either.  Do they really want to sell it?  Or do they just want to sell it themselves (contrary to the spirit and possibly contractual obligations of the MLS).  I can understand if a listing is brand new, say 1 day on the market, the agent may not have the photos ready.   This one has been on the market over a week.  If I were the owner of this property I would be having a canary.

Of course, every day I see terrible photos.  Toilet bowls with the lid raised, kitchens with messy counters, unmade beds, messy closets and more.  Unfortunately, the MLS gives us only 9 opportunities to show off a property.  You would be shocked how many listings don’t have 9 photos or don’t have any at all!  Wouldn’t you want your listing agent to show your property in the best light possible?  Maybe we should start a contest for worst photo of the week.  

Weekly Wednesday Wrap up will be posted tomorrow.  Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day.  It may not feel like it but summer is really here.

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