2008 Apr 8th

Europeans Want to Know – What is the Hoboken Market Doing?

No One Dies Wishing They Spent More Time at the Office

It’s very important to take vacations. Getting away from my day to day immersion in the Hoboken condo market often lets me look at things from a different perspective and makes what often seem like huge problems, simply disappear. Hard work is fine as are monetary rewards and selling real estate in Hoboken can be a blast but having balance in your life and time to enjoy yourself are the real payoff for all the work. So last week my husband and I went to the beautiful Italian island of Sardinia for a week of sun and fun.

Sardinia, Italy

It Only Takes Ten Minutes

One night our Italian friend Simone took us to dinner at a chic new restaurant in the historic old center of Alghero. We exchanged pleasantries and ordered some wine. It took exactly 10 minutes before he turned to us and asked “so what is the Hoboken real estate market doing?” As a successful European businessman, he was interested in investment opportunities. He’d been reading about the Manhattan real estate market, a favorite with European investors, but prices were a bit higher than he wanted to spend. He thought Hoboken might be an attractive alternative. He believed that the collapse of the dollar made it an opportune time for him to buy a Hoboken condo. Since US interest rates keep falling, no improvement in the exchange rate is expected any time soon and he thought he could get a bargain.

The Moral of the Story

I had every intention of taking a break from even thinking about Hoboken real estate but sometimes you just can’t get away from work. There are people all over the world who have their eye on our little neighborhood. I guess we should be happy about that.

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