2009 Feb 10th

Proposed $15,000 Home Buyer’s Tax Credit – Stay Tuned For Details

By Lori Turoff 

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Hoboken Home Buyers May Save Some Moneydollar-sign-istock_000004731571xsmall

Yesterday’s fiscal stimulus bill included a very large tax credit for home buyers.  It does NOT seem to be limited to first time home buyers.  Now, the way that legislation works, is this – the House and Senate each have their own version of the bill.  Since both versions have now been approved by their respective chambers, they go into committee to be reconciled.  Once that happens, the full Senate has to vote to approve and President Obama sign the legislation for it to become law.   So it is too early to know how the final details will shake out.  For anyone in the process of buying a home or about to buy a home, however, this is an important development and you should stay informed.  It could mean some significant savings to you.

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