2010 Nov 11th

Could the Internet Ever Be Wrong?

Real Estate Search Websites Make Mistakes!

I have often had my listings on Trulia.com show completely incorrect data.  A brand new listing, for example, was listed on Trulia as 56 days on the market.  It aslo said the listing was another agent’s listings.  Properties are shown as active when they are long under contract.  When I ask Trulia why this happens they have told me that their software can’t distinguish among different units in a single building with a given address even though the unit numbers are different.  Designed for the suburbs, I guess.

Today I had an buyer interested in a property email me a question about a listing she found on Streeteasy.com.  This property was also just listed.  This is what Streetwise.com showed:

streetwiseOf course, my buyer asked me why the property had been previously listed by about 10 other brokerages.  That might mean something was seriously wrong with the property.  No, something is seriously wrong with Streeteasy.  The Streeteasy history was not for that particular unit.   A little misleading, no?

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