2010 Aug 24th

Tasty Tuesday Tidbits

A New Use For An Old Hoboken Bank

There is new listing today for the first condo at the old Jefferson Trust Bank building on 1st.  It’s a 2960 square foot 3 bedroom duplex under the stained glass dome for a cool $2,300,000.  Can you imagine the property taxes on that? At the ‘rule of thumb’ 1.5% x the purchase price, the lucky buyer is looking at $34,000 a year!  But if you hurry up and buy it now, you can pick your granite color.

A New Hoboken Watering Hole

Pilsener Haus & Biergarten will open at 1422 Grand St. in Hoboken this Fall.  The owner’s vision includes “wide open space under the trees, 20-foot-long communal tables that will offer a relaxed unpretentious atmosphere that will coincide with the history of biergartens’ originating in Europe. It will be a natural cultural habit that people of all ages and statuses will gather to have a good pint of beer in a fun, and friendly environment.”  Isn’t beer already part of Hoboken’s culture?  They are planning to have 18 beers on tap along with 30 to 40 bottles, German sausages and live music.  Oompah anyone?

A New Design for 14th Street & a New Viaduct

There will be a public meeting on September 7th where the design for the new viaduct and plans for the space under it will be unveiled.  According to the press release, the finals plans include a dog run and playground, pedestrianized streets, a block of active recreation space with a multi-use court and two blocks of multi-purpose space that can be used for farmer’s markets and other community purposes.  Traffic calming measures to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety will include raised sidewalks and narrowed streets. Additional East-West blocks of South Marginal Street will be closed to vehicular traffic as they currently are in front of Clearview Cinemas – which is where the meeting is being held – by the Clearview Cinema under the viaduct.  Is that anything like under the boardwalk?

Hoboken Hosts “Redevelopment 101” for Residents

Finally, City Hall is hosting a public meeting to educate the public on some crucial redevelopment matters.

“My Administration takes public input very seriously,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “As we move forward with various redevelopment projects, an informed public will be in a position to offer the feedback we need to reflect our community’s vision for our City.”

The City is in the process of creating the redevelopment plan for the Western Edge and will soon be announcing a public meeting to discuss a draft of the plan. Additionally, the City is currently conducting a study to determine whether redevelopment would be appropriate for Southwest Hoboken.

Learn now and speak now, at the Multi Service Center, 124 Grand Street, on Tuesday, August 31, from 7pm to 9pm.  The meeting will be taped, replayed on television, and posted on the City website.

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