2011 Apr 11th

Hoboken Dogs Have Something To Cheer About!

This is not a political blog – never was, never will be.  But I must give credit where credit is due.  If you read this blog, or have seen our business cards and flyers, or know us at all, you know how we feel about our dog, Sempai, and how we love all dogs.  In fact, we donate 1% of all our commissions to Save U.S. Pets, a charity our Vet introduced us to that helps dog owners who can’t afford medical treatment for their pets.


I read the other day about Teddy Bear, a local dog getting electrocuted while tinkling on a Hoboken light post in Church Square which were missing a face plate.  Mayor Zimmer heard about this and several similar incidents and contacted PSE&G about the problem on March 16th.  Unless the problem was addressed in an expedited fashion, the City would not pay it’s PSE&G bill.  Today, walking down Washington Street on this beautiful Spring morning, I noticed that almost all the lamp posts have new, bolted-on face plates.  A few that didn’t, were taped securely shut.  Brava, Mayor Zimmer. We and all the dogs of Hoboken thank you!

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