2009 Jun 11th

In the “I Just Can’t Believe It” Category

Want to Sell Your Hoboken Condo? Don’t Give Your Agent a Key!door

I was out showing properties with clients this weekend and had one of those frustrating moments of fumbling at a front door with keys that just didn’t want to work.  We tried and tried and finally moved on to another property.  I called the listing agency’s  office and got the usual response –  “did you try jiggling the key?”  I called the listing agent but got voice mail.  Eventually the listing agent returned my call.  Much to my amazement, when I told him of our plight, his answer was “oh, we don’t have a key to the building – just try ringing some doorbells until someone lets you in”.

I can’t help but wonder, if you lived in this seller’s building and agents kept ringing your doorbell for access would you not want to strangle the seller? If you want to sell your condo, don’t you think it helps for showing agents to have a way to unlock the door?  You just gotta wonder what people are thinking sometimes!

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