2010 Apr 26th

Your Negotiating to Sell Your Home – Not Dating!

Don’t Take Everything So Personallyheart

When involved in negotiations over “home sweet home” sellers can get very emotional.  A buyer offers 10% off asking (which is quite reasonable in the Hoboken condo market) and the seller gets all offended.  Or the buyer says “if I can’t get your unit at the price I want I’ll go with the other unit I like”.  The seller responds with  “I just won’t sell it to them if that’s all they think it’s worth or if they like another place better than mine”.  To the sellers, the home is much more than an asset.  It’s all those days lived and memories compiled and has tremendous emotional value.  To the buyer, while they may subjectively like the home and be eager to make it their own, the transaction is to them much more objective and financial.

When a buyer makes an offer in today’s market the seller should take it very seriously.  Even if the seller thinks the offer is way too low, it deserves consideration.  The agents can act as an interface between the emotional (sometime irrational) seller and the buyer but sellers need to keep in mind that the buyers goal is to secure the property for the lowest possible price.  It’s a dance, it’s posturing, it’s negotiating. There is no reason for a seller to take it personally and be insulted by the buyer’s moves.  It’s not dating –  it’s all about the money.

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