2008 Aug 17th

Brett Favre & Eli Manning Play Catch on Maxwell Place Lawn in Hoboken?

Hoboken Is Filled With Football Fans – Jets and Giants Alike

The other day I offered to show Brett Farve  some properties that would be even nicer than what Eli Mannings got at Hudson Tea or A-Rod has (or had) at Maxwell Place.  There are lots of reasons why Brett should move to Hoboken, not the least of which is that we’re a town full of football fans both blue and green.  Why should Eli get all the notariety?  If Brett moved here, he and Eli could even play catch on the Maxwell Place front lawn. 

What’s The Other Connection Between Brett Farve and Hoboken? 

While Brett may have rented in Wisconsin while he kept his primary residence in Mississippi, for someone in his tax bracket not to mention income level, he really ought to buy a place.  Did you know that Brett Farve’s former Packer teammate and Packers Hall of Fame center, Frank Winters, is from Hoboken and that Winter’s father still lives here?  So for Brett, it would be like having family already in the neighborhood.

Brett, Come to Hoboken Before That Gorgeous Hoboken Brownstone is Sold!

Brett may want to keep his ties to his home town of Kiln, Mississippi, which is fine but there are some great opportunities for him right here in Hoboken.  Right now there are a few great properties for sale in Hoboken that would be perfect for Brett and his family.  There’s the house on Castle Point Terrace, the wide brownstone on Hudson Street, maybe he’d like a house like the one on the corner of 10th with the built-in pool so he could invite over Michael Phelps . . .

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