2010 Aug 2nd

Movers, but Hopefully Not Shakers

moving-menWhen one of our customers asks us for a lawyer, mortgage broker or inspector, Lori and I generally give them three or more names from which to choose.  We always give the names of people we like, and with whom we’ve had good experiences, but we also like for people to be able to choose the person with whom they “hit it off” and we don’t want to be accused of showing favoritism to any one person or agency.

Today, one of our sellers asked if we could recommend a good moving company.  To be honest, I haven’t dealt with movers a whole lot, so I really don’t have a recommendation other than picking a name out of the Village Voice.  We do however, have a following here at HREN, so I put it to all of you – have you had a particularly good experience with a mover?  How about some recommendations?  Have you had a bad experiences?  Tell us who we should be avoiding too.

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