2010 Oct 26th

Please Let Me Know The Number in Their Head

I had a very funny encounter with a listing agent today.  My buyers made an offer on a Hoboken condo property.  It was a respectable offer.  Seriously, what offer isn’t respectable these days?  As I always do, I submitted the offer in contract form with the buyers’ prequalification letter.  She replied by thanking me for the offer, noting what percentage the offer was discounted from the list price and asking me to please let her know the number in my buyers’ heads.head full of numbers

Sure – I’ll just tell you our negotiating strategy and bottom line right now.  That way you can get more for your seller.  I guess some agents are dumb enough to do this.  I replied by saying that the number was on the contract.  The art of negotiating – it’s always interesting.

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2008 May 29th

One Hoboken Realtor May Be More Than Enough

With a Multiple Listing Service for Hoboken Real Estate, Everybody Wins

I had an interesting phone conversation this morning with a potential buyer of a Hoboken condo. He wanted to see condo properties in both Hoboken and Manhattan. I was explaining the difference between how real estate brokerages work in Hoboken (and New Jersey in general), where there is a multiple listing service (MLS), vs. Manhattan, where there is not.

If you are a Hoboken condo buyer and find a nice property on-line, say at trulia.com or notice a “for sale” sign on a building while walking down the street, chances are pretty good that the property is listed on the MLS. The agency that listed the condo has agreed to cooperate with every other agency in town to allow all agents to show that property. The more times a condo is shown to buyers, the more likely it is to be sold and at a higher price which is better for the seller. The sales commission agreed upon by the seller and the listing agent, typically 5% in Hoboken, is divided 50/50 between the listing agent and the agent that finds a buyer for the condo. If you’re a buyer and have developed a good working relationship with a particular agent, he or she can show you the place you found on line as well as any other property on the MLS. The buyer wins because the agent gets to know the buyer’s likes and dislikes, doesn’t waste the buyer’s time showing inappropriate properties, and by being loyal to that agent, he or she works that much harder to find the perfect property. After all, agents don’t make a penny working with the buyer unless the buyer actually buys a condo.

Agents Don’t “Compete” For the Buyer

At this point my caller objected. He said he would not work with a single agent because that would not be in his best interest. If all the different agents are competing with one another, he explained to me, he would pay less for his condo. Huh? I pointed out that if he were to buy a condo directly from the listing agent he would still pay the full commission. The entire commission would go to the listing agency. Listing agents don’t give up half the commission when they sell their own listings! Furthermore, I explained, the listing agent represents the seller. It is often debated whether it is a conflict of interest for a listing agent to also represent a buyer (called dual agency). How can a seller’s agent work for the buyer and act as a fiduciary of the seller with an obligation to obtain the highest possible price for the seller’s property? He still didn’t get it. If he didn’t want to work with a single agent and instead went to every agent in town telling them he wants them “to compete for him.” Outstanding agents with knowledge and skill are in high demand and don’t have the time or patience to deal with a “high maintenance” buyer who thinks he’s going to outsmart the world. This buyer may only outsmart himself winding up with an novice agent, and will end up paying the same commission anyway. The really good Hoboken agents often have more business than they can handle.

The Commission is Just “Wrapped Up” in The Sales Price

My caller may have thought that, as a buyer, he had some ability to change the commission to be paid. Maybe he erroneously thought that the seller pays the listing agent only half the agreed upon fee for selling the condo herself or that the fee varies depending on which agent he uses to find the condo – wrong again. The commission is set no matter who sells the home. Sometimes, a seller and listing agent do agree when listing the property that if it is sold “in-house” that is, by the listing agency, the fee might be 4% instead of 5%. That has to be disclosed in the listing information which every agent can see. Which agent finds the property for you has no effect on the sales price. With one exception.

An Agent’s Negotiating Skills Do Matter

When a buyer finds the condo of his dreams and makes an offer, it is the realtor who presents the offer to the seller’s agent. Although the offer is made in writing, hopefully in contract form, there is usually some verbal back and forth over the price until the offer is accepted. It is during this very important stage of offer and counter-offer that your agent’s negotiating skills are crucial. Who do you want working with you when you are a buyer – an excellent negotiator who has worked exclusively for you and know your financial constraints or the inexperienced novice agent who you just tried to scam out of a half a point? Of course, having an agent who communicates well, can express the buyer’s intentions accurately and clearly, avoids emotional entanglements like anger and disappointment, doesn’t make empty threats, and is smart and professional is in the buyer’s best interest. Negotiations can become complicated and heated, especially when there is more than one potential buyer involved. Having a good agent working for you when you find the condo of your dreams may be a great payback for having been loyal to that agent while house hunting. As for my caller, I wish him luck but I have no time for games.

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