2010 Nov 16th

How Much Information Do You Want, Hoboken Condo Buyers?

To Tell All or Not To Tell All

I heard an interesting point of view expressed the other day by a realtor.   We were talking about real estate search websites, you know like realtor.com, trulia.com and the various individual brokerage and agent sites all of which let you search for a home.  Some of them give you every bit of information about a property – the address, the price, the maintenance fees, the taxes, a description, price per square foot, price history, the whole 9 yards.  Others don’t.

The theory for withholding critical information, like the actual property address, is that it will cause you – the potential buyer – to pick up the phone and call the number on the screen of search results.  Presumably this is the listing agent’s number or at least the brokerage of the listing agent.  There are realtors who believe that this is how to develop a relationship between and agent and a potential customer.  In fairness, before the internet (yes, even I can remember a time before the internet) a customer had to rely on an agent to get information on what was for sale in a given neighborhood.  Of course, that has all changed.

I know what I think about this theory but I will keep my opinion to myself for right now.  So what I am really curious about is what you all think about it.  I tried to make a little “vote” section but can’t figure it out (if anyone knows how to use the Cforms plug-in for WordPress please help).  So please just comment below as to your preference or feelings about this.  Do you want all the info right on the search result page?  Would you actually call the agent to get the rest of the details?  Or would you just go to a different search site that gives you all the info?

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