2009 Mar 1st

Hoboken Tax Increase Mentioned in Sunday’s New York Times

Today’s paper had an article about outraged residents in West New York who are facing a recent 27% tax increase. The article goes on to talk about Hoboken, saying:

“…residents in Hoboken are feeling the sting of a 47 percent property tax hike, enacted because the state sent in a supervisor to manage the city’s finances after the city council failed to pass a budget.

“When the budget is adopted for 2009 and 2010 you’re going to see a substantial leveling off of our tax levy,” said David Roberts, the departing mayor.”

Enacted because of Tripodi?  I thought it was enacted because of Hoboken’s huge budget deficit.  Leveling off?  What does that mean?  At the 47% higher level?  I wish the Times would do an in depth article of Hoboken’ budget and tax situation.

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