2009 Apr 19th

Love Hoboken. Vote Tuesday 2pm to 9pm for Board of Ed. & the School Budget.

If you are already registered to vote in Hoboken, you do not need to register separately for Tuesday’s Board of Ed. election. Nor do you need to be a property owner or have a child in the school system.  Nearly 30% of your tax bill goes to the Hoboken school system.  The reputation of our schools and educational system affect your property value.  This is critically important this year in light of our property tax increase.

There are 6 candidates for 3 open seats.  You will also have the chance to vote up or down on the school budget, which represents 30% of our tax levy. If the school budget is defeated, the budget will go to the city council which, within certain constraints and subject to statutory minimum funding, has the authority to approve a reduced budget.

Please take the time to become informed and vote.  Here are some of the issues:

Here is a quick and easy fact sheet and chart of candidate profiles and as well as sources of further information for each candidate.
Here are the questionnaire answers for Kids First (Minutillo, Sullivan, McGovern 1 4 5) 
Here are the questionnaire answers for United for Students (Raia, Irizarry, Oland 2 3 6)

In addition, voters should be aware of the voting record of the two incumbents, Theresa Minutillo (Kids First) and Frank Raia (United for Students), who have voted as follows on these key votes affecting taxpayers:

Teachers’ Contract with annual salary increases:
Minutillo: Against
Raia:  For

2009-10 School Budget with increase over last year:
Minutillo:  Against
Raia:  For

Love your City. Vote April 21.

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