2009 Nov 12th

No Hoboken Property Addresses on Realtor.com

Another Reason to Use Truliatrulia_logo_big

Here’s an interesting tidbit – did you know that our local real estate board The Liberty Board   (the same Liberty Board that prohibits us from posting MLS links) prohibits realtor.com from posting property addresses in the realtor.com search results?  Why, you might ask, would an industry seeking to sell real estate in the worst down market in decades seek to keep the address a secret? They want you, the buyer, to call the listing agent.  That’s right, the listing agent who represents not you, the buyer, but the seller.  So if you happen to be working with a buyers’ agent or just have your own realtor whom you like, it makes it that much harder to go on line, look for properties and tell your own agent what you’d like to see.   Make sense?  When you do the same exact search on Trulia.com, a site which happens to have a much friendlier user interface anyway, the property address appears.  A word of advice – use Trulia.

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