2009 Mar 17th

Selling Your Hoboken Condo? How to Know Your Realtor is Doing a Bad Job

If Buyers Can’t See Your Property They Can’t Buy It

Hoboken Keys
Trying to sell your Hoboken condo or brownstone?  There are lots of ways to know if your realtor is really working for you.  Today I’ll touch on one of the very basic ones – access to your property.

If a buyer cannot get into your unit or house to see it, they can’t buy it.  I was working with a buyer this weekend and had an appointment to show her a 3 family brownstone.  As soon as the listing agent’s secretary handed me the keys I knew there was a problem.  

I was handed a jumble of 17 1/2 keys with 3 illegible, crumpled up paper tags attached. That’s right – there was a half of a key.  Evidently someone broke one off in a lock. At each door, I had to try every single key in multiple locks.  Needless to say, it was time consuming and irritating.  We wasted close to an hour trying to open doors.

What motivation might the listing agent have to do this?  In a word, greed.  If she makes it difficult for other agents to show the property she can sell it herself and get both sides of the commission!  

Real estate is in many ways a numbers game.  The best chance you have to sell your property for the most money is for it to be seen by the largest number of potential buyers.  Unfortunately, there are agents who will list your property on the MLS but, in reality, make it difficult for other agents to show the property.  Other red flags are when the listing office has only 1 set of keys, or the listing agent requires that the property only be shown between very limited hours or that the listing agent must accompany all showings.  Unless there is a really good reason for this (like uncooperative tenants or a large, aggressive dog in the unit) this is not in your interest as a seller.

In today’s real estate market a seller cannot afford to have a listing agent who is not 100% on board.  So here is today’s tip:  make it easy for buyers to visit your Hoboken real estate.  Insist that there be multiple sets of keys to your unit and that each key be clearly and properly labeled.


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