2008 Sep 22nd

The Key To Hoboken Real Estate

You Can’t Sell a Hoboken Condo You Can’t SeeKeys to Hoboken Condos

Weekends are the busiest time for the Hoboken real estate market. There are typically multiple appointments on a given Saturday or Sunday for different Hoboken agents to show the same for-sale Hoboken condo.  You would think the listing agent of the property would fulfill his or her duty to the owner and do everything possible to make it easy for the property to be shown. Yet countless times there are problems accessing the property.

Have Your Listing Agent Make 5 Sets of Keys

Many times a listing agent makes only one or two sets of keys to a condo for sale.   Very often, on the weekend, they are checked out when the real estate office opens by an agent whose showing appointment isn’t until late afternoon. Other agents who want to show the property come to get keys only to be told someone else has them.  There is nothing more annoying for a busy agent with buyers in tow than to have to spend half of a Saturday morning on the phone trying to hunt down the keys.  If you are selling your condo you want every agent with a potentially interested buyer to show the property!  Sellers, keys are cheap.  Ask your listing agent why they have not made at least five sets of keys to your Hoboken condo.

Is It Clear Which Key Opens The Door?

While you are at it, ask your listing agent if they have labeled the keys.  Again, having the agent fumble at the door for five minutes trying to figure out how to unlock it does not help sell your property.  Buyers get impatient and say “never mind – let’s just go see the next one” when the agent cannot easily get in.   Labeling the keys is crucial when the property is an older Hoboken brownstone or multi-family home.  It can take 15 to 20 minutes to figure out which key is to which lock on which unit in these properties.  A simple piece of tape with the words “top lock, unit 1” or “basement door” is all it takes.  If your listing agent has not done that, you don’t have a very competent listing agent.

Does Your Realtor Sleep Late On Weekends?

When agents are taking out buyers on the weekend, they often start as early as 9:30 or 10am.  Yet there are a few real estate offices in Hoboken that don’t open until 11:00.  This makes it difficult for an agent to get keys to show your condo.  Considering that Saturday and Sunday are the busiest days for real estate sales in Hoboken wouldn’t you think that the offices should be open early on the weekend?  Maybe your realtor values sleeping in over selling your home.

Does Confusion Reign?

Security is certainly a legitimate concern to a seller.  When there are multiple sets of keys to a for-sale property there has to be a good system for keeping track of who has the keys, when they were signed out and when they were returned.  Yet you merely need to walk into some Hoboken real estate offices on a busy weekend morning and observe for a few minutes to see that confusion reigns.  When you are deciding to list your Hoboken condo for sale, ask the potential listing agent how keys are handled. Who gives them out?  How do they keep track of them?  Is there even a receptionist at the front desk at all times?  At some Hoboken offices, there are no receptionists.  The agents take turns sitting at the desk.  Is your agent’s job to sell your property or to play receptionist?  The better the system, the more organized it is, the more secure and the more likely your property is going to get shown.

Is the Key to Your Hoboken Condo in Hoboken?

This is one of my pet peeves.  An unknowing seller lists his Hoboken condo for sale with a Jersey City real estate agent.  The agent makes keys to the unit but they are kept at the Jersey City office.  Do you really think many Hoboken agents are going to bother to go all the way to Jersey City to pick up and drop off keys to show a Hoboken condo?  Let me give you a hint – there are plenty of Hoboken properties to show that have keys located in Hoboken.  It’s going to take quite a big incentive, like maybe an 8% commission, to get Hoboken agents to drive back and forth to Jersey City to pick up keys.

Be Sure To Get Your Hoboken Condo Shown If You Want To Get It Sold

There is a vast inventory of Hoboken condos for sale today.  If agents cannot access your condo, they cannot show your condo or home.  If they cannot show it, chances are it is not going to sell.  While these items may seem like small details, small details are often what make the difference between a good agent and a bad one and, ultimately, a sold home or one still for sale.

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