2010 Oct 18th

A Sign of the Hoboken Times?

sign letterThis is a letter that was recently circulated to all Hoboken real estate offices. As a Hoboken resident and property owner, I’ve often felt that the Hoboken “For Sale” signs were out of control.  I often see them blown over, lying in the street and wreaking havoc with pedestrians, cyclists, strollers and drivers. The problem is that when one agency or company or realtor does puts them out everywhere, everyone does.  If we all have to play by the same rules, it is fair.

My reading of the above letter would seem to indicate that:

A single, reasonably-sized sign on the outside of the building with the property for sale serves a purpose. The rest, in my opinion, are just unnessecary clutter.  Maybe enforcement of a reasonable limit on realtor and other commercial publicity signs will help put an end to the sign pollution in our community.

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